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Success Stories


Software products don't work on Kickstarter? Andrea helped the Tabula team build an engaged community around this new platform, and receive close to 1,000 pre-orders.

$341,920 Raised

S-Arkade is an innovative application that allows players to relive the excitement of old arcades by shooting them with a projector around the house.


With 6.000+ backers from all over the world, Scribit's Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign was modeled, designed, and executed by Andrea between 2018 and 2019.

$1,641,316 Raised

About Scribit

Scribit, the Interactive Wall Canvas Robot, allows real-time drawing and updating of web-sourced content. It transform your walls with this Write & Erase Robot.

How it started

Scribit, designed by Carlo Ratti (Director of MIT's Senseable City Lab and founder of CRA innovation studio), boasts impressive credentials. With a passion for innovation and engineering background, Andrea joined the Scribit team in 2018 to lead the successful Kickstarter campaign.


Andrea, CMO of Scribit, led his team to bring the world's first Write & Erase Robot to life on Kickstarter. In just 60 minutes, the campaign hit its $50,000 target, surpassing $100K in 24 hours, and reaching $1 million in just 15 days.


Meet the best soccer board game ever that raised more than $200K from 2,381 backers worldwide.

$246,620 Raised

UND1C1 is the ultimate tabletop Soccer Simulator for Two Coaches. UND1C1 simulates real match dynamics in a simple and intuitive fashion, not leaving aside tactics and strategy.