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NannyBand | Ward your love.

Nowadays, your loved ones can live longer. But they also need to live safer.

“Each morning, the same path, for years. But that morning, my mind got stuck. One minute I knew where I was, the next… What was I thinking about? It was just a moment, but I have been very scared since then. What if I get lost? How would they find me?!

With a NannyBand on my wrist, I would take my walks with more serenity: my family would always know where I am and if I'm okay! I wouldn't give it up anymore!”

- Grandpa

"I'm delighted to have developed NannyBand. Because if it's true that the benefits are endless, it's also true that the possibility of living longer and with more serenity... well, that's priceless!" - Grandson and Team Member of NannyBand

The founding team of NannyBand comprises creatives and artificial intelligence geniuses; developers, medical wearable specialists, marketing and communication experts. Together, they have changed the way we think about safety for our loved ones. Let's get to know NannyBand.

What is NannyBand?

NannyBand is a smart device wearable on the wrist that monitors the health of your loved ones without limiting their autonomy. Also, it immediately notifies through alert any cardiac anomalies, falls, and positions in atypical places. Priceless.

How does it work?

It's easy for both of you! Your family member wears it and goes on with their normal life. Meanwhile, you can monitor: the level of well-being, the GPS location (thanks to BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy) when the person is out or home, and any anomalies or falls in the APP. Any anomaly is reported instantly to allow you to intervene immediately and save their life. Also, it is possible to add a reminder for you (like: “Calls the Grandpa and remind him to take the pills”). It looks like a smartwatch but is way smarter: it immediately alerts for any cardiac anomalies, falls and GPS locations. And all they have to do is put it on. Priceless.

What will NannyBand bring for you?

· It instantly reports emergency situations

Among the NannyBand functions you will find: automatic fall detection, SOS button, location tracking, temperature detection, monitoring of the outdoor position and permanence at home. HR, BR, Sp02. Man Down. Sleep analysis. Physical activities analysis. Evaluation of the overall state of well-being.

· Easy to use for them and for you

NannyBand is light and water resistant. The person only has to wear it and continue with his/her daily activities: it will be like not having it on the wrist. What about tracking? Just set up reports with the frequency you want (1 per day, every 5 hours, every hour, etc.) and the APP will instantly notify you of any anomalies and falls: so you can intervene instantly.

· Instant pairing with the APP

The NannyBand configuration procedure on mobile devices is instantaneous and extremely simple.

· APP compatible with multiple devices

Is there more than one person to monitor? You can pair multiple NannyBands to the same APP and monitor them simultaneously. Also, if there are multiple caregivers, you can add each of them for the monitoring of a single NannyBand: you will need a break too.

· It is discreet and has a modern and sustainable design

Once worn, NannyBand looks like a smartwatch: for this reason, the wearer will not perceive it as an intrusive device but as a discreet and reassuring presence, unsuspected by anyone else. Also, the case of the band and the pack are realized with recycled materials (aluminum and paper): NannyBand is sustainable too!

· Improve the quality and the length of life

No beating about the bush: NannyBand improves the quality of life, allowing you to live your days independently, amplifying the level of security thanks to advanced telemedicine models. A simple and non-invasive way to make people freer, and longer.

“The hospitality economy or personal service cannot be the only solution: it is necessary to develop solutions that allow elderly people to live independently, increasing their level of safety.” -The founding team of NannyBand

That is why they have created NannyBand: the solution that adds security to the independence of our loved ones.

Why do they think this time is suitable for a product like this?

In Europe, the number of elderly people compared to the total population is growing significantly. A positive sign of the increase in longevity but, conversely, how much does the quality of life increase? And to what extent can family members, children and grandchildren offer adequate support and be truly present?

Age is always subjective, as the perception of individual freedom is. Today we have the opportunity to be really close to our grandparents without limiting their autonomy: with NannyBand we are present in a discreet but decisive way. It automatically detects cardiac anomalies, falls and localization: in case of emergency, you receive a notification, and you can immediately act.

How do you get yours with a Super Early Bird Price?

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