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SnapFIT | The First Pocket-Sized Modular Office.

The idea for SnapFIT was born by Italian founders Federico and Martino while they were studying in China and had to travel often with a bag full of accessories.

They wanted a product that could continuously adapt to their needs.

Upon their return to Italy, they teamed up with Riccardo to transform their idea into reality. After months of refining and user discovery, they created SnapFIT.

But it wasn't easy. The team faced numerous obstacles during the pandemic and the Ukrainian war. However, the pandemic also presented an opportunity for them. The boom in remote working meant that millions of people adapted their workspaces and tools to suit their new working environment. This is where SnapFIT positioned itself as a functional and comprehensive solution to the needs of the worker of the future.

Let's learn more about this cutting-edge modular office!

What is the SnapFIT?

SnapFIT is a modular ecosystem of laptop hardware accessories designed to provide a pocket-sized, transportable, and scalable office that integrates all the functions you need to work, create and play from anywhere, at full potential. It consists of cylinder-shaped modules held together by magnets, allowing users to decide which modules to take with them according to their needs. The modules can also be charged and function simultaneously in series.

What are the benefits for you?

  • A four-in-one device, to avoid too many accessories in your bag

The main characteristic of SnapFIT is modularity. It consists of 4 cylindrical modules: a power bank, hotspot with dual sim capabilities, adapter, and Bluetooth speaker. Its power bank ensures that all your devices remain charged and ready for use, alleviating any concerns about running out of battery. The hotspot feature provides high-speed connectivity regardless of location, while its adapter eliminates messy cords and streamlines your workspace for focused work. And when it's time to unwind, the portable speaker lets you enjoy your favorite music with high-quality sound. This all-in-one device is sleek and portable, allowing you to stay productive, connected, and entertained while on the go.

  • A Gift to Workspace Perfection

SnapFIT provides a preview of the future of work, focusing on mobility and modularity. Its design is customizable and compact, providing the freedom and flexibility to work from any location. SnapFIT brings harmony through its modular design, creating a simple, serene workspace. This setup allows you to work and create regardless of location, easily.

  • High level of quality and careful consideration of every aspect

SnapFIT has been created with a strong emphasis on user experience, using eco-friendly and recycled materials in its design.

  • A minimal and distinctive design

SnapFIT offers beauty in simplicity with its sleek and minimalist design.

"The idea is to provide a pocket-sized, transportable, and scalable office for remote and smart workers, to be always ready for any situation." Founders of SnapFIT

Why do they think this time is suitable for a product like this?

The founders of SnapFIT believe that the growing trend of remote work and digital communication has created a need for portable and flexible work solutions. This compact office setup is perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone who wants to work on the go. It's reliable, easy to use, and incredibly convenient. Additionally, carrying around multiple accessories and dealing with a messy workspace can be a hassle and negatively impact productivity. SnapFIT's compact and customizable design, which combines multiple functions in one device, will solve these problems. Furthermore, technological advancements have made modular designs more feasible and accessible, which may have led them to introduce their product to the market.

How do you get yours with a Super Early Bird Price?

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