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Rake | Swim shorts with 100% Waterproof Pocket.

It all started on the beaches of the Philippines.

Where a group of friends had a common problem: having to watch each other's belongings while one of them went for a swim.

But instead of just complaining about it, they decided to find a solution. And that's how RAKE was born.

"We really got frustrated having to watch each other's belongings while the other went for a swim."- Founders of RAKE

In 2019, they launched their first product, the RAKE shorts, and it was an instant success. Customers loved the innovative design and the way it solved a common problem for beachgoers. Since their launch, RAKE has won multiple awards for their innovative designs and commitment to quality. They have become a favorite of beachgoers and fashion-conscious men alike. But RAKE didn't stop there. They continued to improve their products, and their latest shorts are an improvement in every way possible. From the materials used to the design details, RAKE has created the ultimate swimwear for men.

The brand has its roots in the Dutch countryside, but it has been polished by the city of Amsterdam. This blend of rural and urban influences is reflected in the design of their products, which are both stylish and practical.

Lets discover their latest product!

What's Rake swim shorts?

RAKE shorts are men's swim trunks that feature a 100% waterproof pocket called HydroLock™, which allows the wearer to keep their valuables safe and dry while enjoying water activities.

What are the benefits for you?

"The self-closing waterproof pocket "

The idea of jumping in the water with your phone, car keys, money, or other valuables might send a little shiver down your spine. But from now on you can, and without hesitation!

Rake is an innovative product that features a unique self-closing waterproof pocket, which provides superior protection for your valuables, both on land, and in the water. With a waterproof rating of up to 30 meters depth, you can be sure that your items will remain dry and secure even in the harshest conditions. The pocket is user-friendly, thanks to an automatic magnetic closure that makes it easy to access your items while keeping them safe from water damage.

"Fashion meets functionality "

Introducing the HydroLock™ pocket with SnapSure™ closure, where Dutch design meets German Engineering. It’s the world’s most advanced and intuitive apparel waterproof technology.

Whether you’re hitting the beach, exploring the great outdoors, or taking a boat trip, with your RAKE shorts on you don’t have to worry about a thing. A self-closing magnetic locking system that protects your valuables without you batting an eye. So now, you can just fully focus on finding Nemo.

" Lookin’ good. Feeling Good "

RAKE shorts have a super soft and fine mesh that’s designed for ‘all-day comfort’. To finish, there are some beautiful details that will make you smile every time you put them on, including low key branding on the inside and an artisanal drawstring. Premium quality in every aspect.

Why do they think this time is suitable for a product like this?

The fear of losing or damaging valuable items while swimming or engaging in water activities is a common concern for many people.

RAKE shorts address this need, offering a unique and innovative self-closing waterproof pocket that provides superior protection for your valuables, even in harsh conditions. The attention to detail, such as the artisanal drawstring and low key branding, further enhances the appeal of these shorts, making them a popular choice for those who value both style and quality in their clothing.

They are suitable for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, or camping and wants to keep their valuables safe and dry. Additionally, the waterproof feature of the self-closing pocket makes them an ideal choice for those who live in areas with high humidity or frequent rain. The adjustable drawstring and fine mesh fabric also make them suitable for a variety of body types and sizes, ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility.

How do you get yours with a Super Early Bird Price?

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