1.5 Hours

  • Evaluate market fit of your idea

  • Quantify budget required for launch

  • Draft up launch strategy and messaging


8 Hours (in 6 sessions)

  • Define goals, budget, and pledge strategy

  • Define messaging and creativities

  • Design launch plan from A to Z

A session to respond to your questions:

  • Is my idea a good fit for a crowdfunding campaign?

  • When can I launch my campaign?

  • Which skills do I need to design, launch and execute my campaign?

  • What budget do I need?

  • Which agencies should I work with?

  • Which is the right platform for my campaign?

  • Is my prototype campaign-ready?

  • What is the right messaging for my project?

  • Any other questions you have in mind

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Points that will be addressed:

  • All the points on the left and...

  • Analyze your costs

  • Define the funding goal for your campaign

  • Design your pledge strategy

  • Define a timeline and strategy for the launch

  • Identify all touchpoints (landing page, referral programs, website...)

  • Extract pre-campaign, campaign, and post-campaign budget

  • Define a strategy to maximize engagement, reach and credibility across all audience groups

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Have me next to you for

the whole journey 




100 days

  • Sketch, design and execute campaign side by side with you

Points that will be addressed:

  • All the points on the left and...

  • Weekly alignments

  • 24/7 availability for key decisions

  • I will be part of your team :)

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